ABOUT | Korefire Fitness™



Korefire Fitness is located at the corner of Lambert Road and Brea Boulevard in the Founder’s Plaza. With loads of parking and just a stone’s throw away from all the shops and restaurants in Downtown Brea, we are excited to bring one of the hottest workouts in LA and all over the country to Brea!

At Korefire Fitness, we aim to give you a private experience without the price tag of a private trainer. With small group classes capped at 8 people, you’ll be getting undivided attention from our instructors who will guide you in form and safety but still push you to reach a little more out of your comfort level each and every time so you’ll be able to see and feel results. Once you experience the intense burn in muscles you didn’t know you had, you’ll understand why we call ourselves Korefire!

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