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The method

Lagree Method is an evolving fitness program that delivers a full-body workout safely and efficiently with little to no impact on the joints. The workout is suited for both men and women regardless of current fitness level. Lagree Method utilizes the strengthening and toning benefits of a weight training regimen incorporated with flexibility and posture enhancing benefits provided by using the one-of-a-kind Megaformer. The exercises are not complicated but it is HOW each exercise is executed that makes the method effective and efficient without having to use explosive movements that stress joints or having to do multiple sets of an exercise for each body part.

Combined with healthy eating habits, you can expect to see and feel results in no time. You will improve your posture and stand taller as you increase strength and stability in your core. You will feel stronger and have increased flexibility which prevents injury even in your daily activities. You will definitely see tighter and more defined abs, arms, legs, and back!



This workout will help you meet all of these requirements not just in 1 session, but in each and every move.



The Megaformers™ were “inspired by Pilates” but have come a long way since its original design. Former bodybuilder and celebrity fitness trainer, Sebastien Lagree, wanted to deliver a workout to his clients that was intense enough to make changes in the body along with the postural and flexbility benefits of traditional Pilates regimen. With each generation of the machine, the workout you get delivers on the promise to be the most intense workout in a short period of time on one piece of equipment. Our studio is equipped with the latest M3 Megaformers™.

Fat burning machine

How does the Lagree Method manage to do all it says in 45-minute sessions? Much of it is down to the isolation, which allows for target muscle failure, and the combination of weight training, cardio, endurance, flexibility, balance, and core training into not the session but each and every movement. In each move you are attacking the slow-twitch muscle fibers through target muscle failure. This is key with burning fat for several hours after the session is over. Target muscle failure is achieved by utilizing these 5 elements of effective muscle stimulation:




1. RESISTANCE: Lagree Fitness uses spring resistance which allows for progressive resistance allowing the muscles to work to their maximum threshold of intensity at their strongest, and giving support and stability to the joints and connective tissue at their lightest. The tension from the springs is constant and does not rely on gravity to provide resistance.

2. RANGE OF MOTION: The Lagree Fitness equipment can adjust the distance and direction the body and muscles move and target both the larger fat-burning extrinsic muscle fibers, as well as the connective intrinsic muscle fibers.

3. ANGLE: The Lagree Fitness equipment is adjustable to allow for training at different angles or at an incline to help recruit different muscle groups and train functional movement patterns.

4. TEMPO: Lagree Fitness utilizes slow and controlled movements. None of the movements are performed using momentum. When working with and against resistance slowly, the tension on the muscles stays constant, recruiting more muscle fibers. Working the muscles with control keeps the joints safe and stimulates the intrinsic muscle fibers and connective tissues. Slow and controlled movements activate the slow-twitch fat-burning muscle fibers in body, effectively stimulating the body for maximum results.

5. DURATION: In all of the movements in the Lagree Fitness Training Method, multiple muscles are being worked at the same time. In some movements over 600 muscles at once! This is efficient and proven to burn more calories, develop strength faster, and train balance and coordination– But the moment the muscle is allowed to relax, the set loses it efficacy. Each set is performed with constant tension for enough time to trigger the intensity to stimulate the body’s adaptive changes.


About korefire classes

M3 Burn – Suitable for all levels, this 45 minute class can easily burn upwards of 500 calories depending on how intense you make it and your body measurements. Classes are limited to 8 people and you will get lots of attention and encouragement from instructors unlike other group classes you may have tried. This total body workout uses the Lagree Method of combining strength, cardio, muscular endurance, flexbility, and core strengthening movements that will have you shaking as your muscles start to transform. There will be sweat as you feel the burn in all your muscles. Don’t worry though, we hope that our high energy music and fun instructors will keep your mind off of all the pain you’ll be in and the best part of all is that intense strength training allows your body to burn calories hours after!